The Two Worlds

You are probably wondering: “What the hell does ‘Tysanderr’ or Roylia mean, and why are these two tags always in one post or another?”

Well, you see, all of the short stories I have written so far take place in my very own two worlds that I have built from the ground up. These two worlds are known as Roylia and Tysanderr. There are major differences between both worlds, although both of them share the same races, religion, royal families and the such.


Roylia is the bleaker world out of the two worlds I have created. Taking place in a world akin to the Middle Ages of Europe, Roylia is a world where magic does not exist and is rooted in reality. Magic does not exist in this world, neither do heroes who can change the world by themselves.There are no dwarfs, nor elves, nor any other fantastical race. It is just humankind against themselves. It is a world full of war and chaos, although there are times of peace here and there within the timeline of this world. The world of Roylia currently has seven realms, with five continents – and the world itself is named after one of the empires within the world, the Roylian Empire. With many influences from Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Hellenic and English culture, the people of this world are very diverse, and the idea of blood and cultures mixing is a strong theme in Roylia. My first novel will probably take place within this world, for it is more fleshed out with its people and religion.


Tysanderr was created not long after I watched a screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, motivated by a few drawings by a friend. A science-fiction world where the idea of nobility, knighthood, claims to land and armies who still use melee weapons to fight alongside with guns are still prevalent, it is a world I enjoy building. Somewhat more lighter in tone than Roylia, Tysanderr is a world that is currently in its infancy, with only four realms currently existing within it. It is meant to be a ‘future’ version of Roylia, and there are many things in Tysanderr that is taken from the world of Roylia.