Short Story: A Trip to Redanhold

2963 A.C.


Cold, damp and dark.

That is what KYRA*GOA felt as she descended down the crumbling steps of the alleyway, going further and deeper into the dark recesses of the greatest colony ever established by mankind – Redanhold. She could smell death in the air, and it lingered – getting stronger and stronger with each step she took downwards, towards the entrance to one of the most guarded places within the colony, the Slums. She could see that the wooden door leading inwards to it was blocked off, and the wire fence that surrounded it was rusting – probably due to a lack of maintenance from the Colony Advisor. After all, why would anyone care about the wellbeing of the scummiest people of the Empire?

As she climbed over the wire fence and walked towards the wooden entrance, the sounds of footsteps – in plate metal, sounded behind her. When she turned around, she was greeted by the sight of a rather dashing man in full knight’s armour of yellow tint, a sword with a straight line through the middle of the blade in one hand and his helm off. A black, but rather short beard covered his entire face – and his black hair was cropped short as well. KYRA*GOA’s eyes went down, and he could see a symbol of a morning sunburst over a straight line – representing a horizon, embedded on the light yellow breastplate of the knight.

“The sigil of House Ralewoll. You are the Dawn Knight?”

The Dawn Knight chuckled, placing his sword over his shoulder as he strolled closer. “Aye. Daveonn Ralewoll – at your service,” He gave a roguish smile. “Or more commonly known… as the Dawn Knight – a nickname I rather despise, but hey – my family gives it to all their first born knights, even if the second son deserves it more…”

“I am assuming you are talking about your own situation?”

Daveonn nodded, his eyes trailing to the chest of KYRA*GOA.

“Hm. Nice,” He coughed, before his eyes trailed back up to the Vanguard General. “So – what is a lone woman doing out here by herself? Better yet, why is she armoured in gear that I could not afford even with all of my family’s wealth?”

“I could ask the same.” KYRA*GOA shot back at the man, somewhat disgusted at what he was clearly doing. Daveonn muttered a few words to himself, and sliced open the fence that separated them both, before sheathing it back into his scabbard. The knight then walked around the woman, circling around her as his left hand scratched his chin. This was followed by a few chuckles, before a large grin.

“Interesting. Nildernn tech. Cyborg?”

KYRA*GOA sweated a bit, growing anxious. “Is this some sort of shakedown?” She thought to herself, her hands reaching for her sword on her hip.

“Relax, I have nothing against beings of flesh and steel, unlike most of the damned galaxy. Your secret is safe with me,” The man noticed her actions, and bowed slightly. “If your lady permits, I shall escort you throughout the most dangerous place in this colony.”

“No.” KYRA*GOA groaned, rubbing her nose bridge as one of her hands still leaned against the pommel of her sword. The Dawn Knight frowned, before re-adjusting his posture and looking around. “Alright, look. Only reason why I am here is because I was hired to protect some important person that is visiting some robot brothel in the slums tonight. And while I can protect myself, I would rather travel with another person – lessens the risk of me being stabbed to death by muggers.”

The cyborg remained silent, raising her eyebrows at that statement. The knight groaned, turning to the entrance and kicking the wooden doors open. Its hinges splintered, and parts of wood flew outwards, grazing against the armour both of the beings standing. “I am taking your silence as a yes. Now follow me, because if you turn the wrong way – you’ll be shot by a cyborg disabler and be raped for countless nights until you die.”

“I mean, there are some who prefer…” KYRA*GOA said, only to be cut off.

“Shhhh. I know. Guys are no fun, trust me – I have been with a few of them. Most of them had their noses broken, and one died after trying to duel for his virginity or something.” He turned to look over his shoulder, before drawing his sword once more.

“So why are you here exactly?”

“To head to that brothel you just mentioned.”

“Sweet.” He grinned, pressing the helmet encloser on the neck of his armour. Soon his head was enclosed in armour, and both walked deeper into the alleyways.

The brothel was unimpressive, to say the least. Sitting on an abandoned roadside full of beggars and homeless men, with barrels strung all over the place – the building itself looked quite torn down. The windows on the side of the building were dusty and barely clean, while the door leading in was heavily barricaded by a large iron gate. Blue neon signs reading the ‘FLAMES OF PASSION’ hung from the building, a few of them flashing due to either broken bulbs or faulty wirings within them. Funny enough, that was the only light source around the area, and everywhere else was covered in this cyan hue.

The ground they walked upon was cracked and full of litter, and KYRA*GOA swore she stepped on rats, maybe even killed one while making their ways here. The Dawn Knight did not seem to complain much, as none dared to approach him. Who would take on a fully armoured knight anyways? Only fools would. And this was a place where fools spent their days wasting away.

“What the hell are they doing?” The Dawn Knight stopped in his tracks, whispering to the cyborg behind him. Looking over his shoulder, she could see a group of maybe thirty or forty men, amassed on the road on opposite sites, wielding whatever makeshift weapons they could find. The number of fighters increased as more and more poured in from weird locations, and one of them even had a plasma rifle – probably looted off some guard they killed. They were screaming weird words at each other, and the accent they carried was rather heavy – coupled with the fact that they were speaking some variant of Low Roylian, they were almost ineligible to her.

“I think they are going to fight.”

Her words proved correct, as a large molotov was thrown, covering the ground in fire as both groups began to clash. The Dawn Knight stepped back with one arm outstretched, looking left and right as beggars began to stand up.

“They are going to come for us, they think we are distracted.” Daveonn’s hand went to the hilt of his longsword, gripping it tightly as he looked at KYRA*GOA. She nodded, and with a swift motion, drew out her sword as well.

“Interesting design. Ancient Fjahorrian?”

“Yep.” She smiled as the beggars grabbed weapons. They eyed the two armoured beings, and soon enough – they began to move towards them. The fight was raging now, with people being stabbed in necks and broken bottle shards being etched into eyes. Blood spurted onto the ground, and fires raged on the ground beneath them.

The first beggar to approach the Dawn Knight did so at a rapid pace. Of course, the fool had his arm outstreched, and that was the first limb that came off. With his sword on his left side, he swung his sword right, cutting his throat open. Blood spurted onto his gauntlet, before reaching the ground and staining it in crimson. Four more came at once, and despite their teamwork – they were easily outmatched by the Dawn Knight. First one missed his swing, and the Burning Comet found its way to his stomach. Second one tried to smash his weapon against the helm of Daveonn, but was easily countered by him raising his arm to block it, before unsheathing a dagger from his hip to shove into the man’s eye. Third and fourth were killed by the Vanguard Commander, the cyborg stabbing her foe in the chest before twirling her pistol out to place a nice bullet in between the eyes of the man behind him.

As they turned around, six more awaited them. Daveonn sighed, preparing for another fight. But KYRA*GOA chuckled, and placed his entire magazine into each of the six – their bodies falling to the ground after six rapid gunshots. She reloaded her gun as swiftly as she killed, and she holstered it.

“Nice. I like a girl that can fight.” Daveonn nodded to himself, before turning to the right to grab a man by his neck. He struggled for a bit as the sword was driven into his torso, but he stopped all motion after his eyes were dug out – his screams filling the knight’s ears. KYRA*GOA was pleased by this.

The man died without his throat, for the blade was shoved through all the way into his mouth and out his pelvis. The Burning Comet drew out with blood staining it from base to tip, and Daveonn cleaned it by shaking it and cleaning it against the rags that their foes wore. By the time he was done with that, the riot had ended with countless dead, rotting as the crows fed on the carrion.

With bloodied sword, both of them made their way to the iron door of the brothel, knocking on its exterior. There was no response at first, but as soon as Daveonn sheathed his sword, the gates slowly rose, and the door to the brothel was open.

“Here we are.” The Dawn Knight said, entering.

“I apologise for the gate, we need it to keep out any… unwanted clients that cannot pay for our services.” A man in glasses said as he adjusted the tie on his black three piece suit. “What brings a knight… and a woman to our humble establishment? Do you see our services?”

The interior of the brothel was surprising to say the least. A fully furnished reception area complete with plants and paintings was what greeted them, and a wall with two doors led deeper into the building. Cleaner droids were busy dusting the place up, and batteries of various designs hung from the walls.

“I am here for that fat prick, Lord Aron. Where is he?” Daveonn inquired, an eyebrow raised and one of his hands clenched into an iron fist. The man wearing glasses barely flinched at his tone, and he simply gave a soft smile as he looked towards the left door. Nodding, the knight waved for KYRA*GOA to follow, and they entered through the left. A sign was hanging above the door, and it red out only four words: “The Fires of Passion”. “Odd, to have the title of your establishment in both interior and exterior.” KYRA*GOA whispered as they walked through the red carpeted hallway.

“Yeah. And they can’t decide whether to call it the Flames of Passion or the Fires of Passion. I guess that is why these robot fuckers take their time to choose what droid they want to fuck. They all have pussies, just pick one.” Ralewoll replied in a mocking tone.

The hallway soon led into a very large room, almost akin to a gentleman’s club. Naked women strolled from one end of the room to another end – and men in noble clothes sat in large sofas, staring at the assets that the women carried. Guards patrolled the area with rifles, and a large open walkway showcased the dancing abilities of the various naked women on poles. Most of them were rather clean shaven, both on top and bottom – and their physiques were on display for all to see. Daveonn felt an uncomfortable feeling in himself.

“We are not here to stare at whores. Look for a fat ass man, wearing an undersized coat and probably carrying some cane he stole from his family members or something,” The Dawn Knight looked about the room, which was heavily lit in greens and dark blues. His eyes did not serve him well, for he could not see Lord Aron at all, despite his best efforts to do so. The cyborg beside him decided to stroll around the club instead of staying stationary, separating herself from Daveonn, losing herself in the crowds of naked men, women and bots alike.

She could see in her corner of her eye that the Dawn Knight was walking towards her again, pushing through a few women, his hands brushing against their most private parts as he did so. “KYRA. That is your name is it not? I am sorry I did not ask for it earlier, but the constant threat of death at the hands of scum made that one of my last priorities.”

“I do not blame you. So where do we find this… Lord Aron? A physical description would be nice,” The Vanguard Commander walked alongside the heavily armoured knight, noticing that his helm was still on. For all she knew, he was planning for another fight – he seemed like the sort who would itch for one at all times and at all hours of the day. His left hand gripped the grip of his sword, his right hand placed upon his hip – and his head moving around, looking in every angle. “Fat man, short hair, no beard and a fat ass chin. I can’t see anyone of that description around here… unless…” Daveonn grinned as his eyes stared at the cyborg’s chest again, while his tongue ran against the the underneath of his mouth inside. “You do not mind pretending to be a pleasuroid?”

“A what?”

“Fuckbot, in layman’s terms.” He raised his hand.


“Fine, then go mingle with some whores while I go beat up some guys.” He walked off after a short bow, before disappearing into the crowd of men again.

KYRA*GOA sighed, and did exactly what she was told. She was here for the sex, not to hunt down some enemy of a knight – but she could not do that now. No relief would await her. As she made her way towards a group of escort women, they grinned at her.

“Hello, beautiful.” One of them, a male, spoke up with a grin. He barely wore anything, save for some weird thing that covered his privates. “Are you looking to have a good time?”

“Anyone of you seen a Lord Aron around?”

“Ah, you like fat ones, I see. Well, one of the…”

“No, seriously. Lord Aron.”

The pleasure man frowned, pointing towards a heavily guarded room.


“But seriously though… I charge…”

The cyborg walked away without letting him finish his sentence, looking over her shoulder as she did so. “I prefer women anyways.”

The escort man chuckled at that, shaking his head and returning to whatever drink he was drinking.

Near the entrance of the room, KYRA*GOA stood in front of a guard armed with a plasma rifle, coughing in his helm. “Pleasuroid? Go right in.”

“What? I’m—”

Being dragged into the room by the guard, she was greeted by the sight of a fat, naked man – lounging against a sofa with three to four whores surrounding him. None of them were droids though, and they were engaging in the most depraved acts, with two women at his bottom, one on top of him and another pleasing the fat man’s rod. No guards were in here, and a weird musk hung in the air. The room was in a mess too – with clothes strung all over whatever furniture was in here, and the mirror stained in fluids that she would rather not know. The fat man looked up, with a smile that would creep anyone out, his lip grinning from cheek to cheek.

“Oooh. This is new. I have never been with a bot,” Lord Aron grinned, wagging a finger towards her. “Be gentle with my body, I am quite delicate. Now slip out of that metal body and let’s get to work.

KYRA*GOA frowned, but soon he heard the sounds of a man screaming, blood oozing through the door, before it smashed open with the man impaled on a sword. The Dawn Knight barged in, kicking the corpse on his sword onto the ground. The whores screamed and scrambled, while Lord Aron fell over with his prick hanging out in fear.

“Lord Aron. You dishonoured my brother by insulting him with words you should not have spoken. I am challenging you to a duel you cannot refuse,” Daveonn shouted as the people in the club watched both in fear and excitement. The club guards drew their swords, and some unholstered their pistols – revolvers mostly.

Lord Aron chuckled from the sofa that shielded his disgusting nakedness, evolving into a laugh soon after.

“The club guards cannot interfere if you accept the duel, Aron.” KYRA*GOA could not see his face, but he knew that he was smirking underneath his helm.

“You want to kill me because I said a few words to your damned brother? This feud is pointless and dumb!”

The Dawn Knight shrugged, walked towards the sofa and looked at the trembling fat man. Grabbing the flabby arm that he had, he threw the poor fool onto the ground. With a swift stab into his face, he was finally dealt with, his naked body dropping onto the floor with a loud thud as the fats on his body rippled, blood oozing out of his fat chin and the gash inflicted upon his facial features.

Daveonn cleaned his sword by shaking it, before sheathing it back into his scabbard. He made his way towards the exit, where KYRA*GOA stood, and placed a hand on her shoulder. A soft whisper came, “We are done here, let us leave.” She nodded, and as the club guards whispered to each other – one calling for the manager, the sounds of gunfire and glass soon filled the air. With the smell of smoke filling their noses, both of them stood in the doorway where Lord Aron’s corpse laid, and soon they realized what was going on.

Fires began to pour into the club, and the screaming of men and women alike continued. Men in rags rushed in, armed with makeshift weapons – likely the people who partook in the riot outside on the roads before. How they were able to break into the iron door perplexed both the knight and cyborg, but they did not want to stay here at all. As the hobos screamed at them, their eyes widened at response to it. Closing the door, both of them scrambled to place furniture against it – creating a makeshift barricade. The Dawn Knight used his scabbard to smash a window open, and pointed towards it. “Out here. Now.”

Both of them jumped out the window, and onto the ground. The fire soon took the entire building, and both of them disappeared into the darkness, the hue of orange on their backs.

The day after, KYRA*GOA and Sir Daveonn Ralewoll sat in front of each other – sipping from a cup of coffee in their undershirts. The cafe they were in was quite pleasant, and despite it looking quite… hipster-ish, they could not deny that the caffeine they brewed were was simply fantastic. The Burning Comet sat against the table they were sitting, and they kept in total silence as they stared out the window.

“Redanhold is pretty nice if you do not go to the slums, but why were you there – really?” The knight inquired, still puzzled behind the cyborg’s intention of even going there in the first place.

“Eh. Maybe you will find out another day.”

On the television in the cafe, a news report played. It caught Daveonn’s attention – and soon he realized that the newscaster was talking about the place the visited last night. The Roylian city watch declared it a murder-suicide, for they found charred corpses at the scene, and traces of bodily fluids scattered around them. A rather large corpse with a gash was also on scene, and judging from the swords nearby – it would seem the fool killed himself after burning the place down alongside himself.

Daveonn chuckled, sipping on his latte.

Author’s Note: Finished on the 22nd of February, 2017. This was one of my first few attempts writing science-fiction. And this short story was written before I picked up my current writing style. Overall, I think it is a solid piece in the world of Tysanderr, save for the really crappy dialogue.


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