The Annoyance Of A Prince | Daily Prompt: Cranky

1237 A.C.

“Come in.”

It was unusual for a person to visit to his quarters during these hours, where the midnight oil burnt the greatest and the moon shone the brightest. Erlander had lost count of of many hours he had spent upon this desk, and when he did realise it was already night – his hands were already stained in countless of ink blots from writing so many letters to other nobles of various dynasties, as well as to other realms in the Known World. There was a particular Heartonian noble house that requested his aid not too long ago, and he felt somewhat terrible that he was only replying now after about two or three weeks since their request – but that was the price they had to paid for the help of one of the most powerful, if not – the most powerful man in the world.

When the door to his quarters swung open, he was greeted by the sight of a boy in dark blue sleepwear, the clothes loose and now sticking to his body. The breeches he wore were of the same colour as well, and the lantern that he held within his left hand burnt brightly. At the edges of the door, Emperor Erlander, second of his name, could spot his guards with axes in hand – still standing by as this boy came in.



Short Story: A Purple Sail | Daily Prompt: Purple

Regnarr coughed, holding a fishing rod in hand and bait in another. The sounds of the ocean filled his ears, and the sounds of fishes swimming about were in there too. His rowboat, one of oak make, sat far out into the sapphire blue sea, and the area around him was void of any other boats save for his own – and it felt quite peaceful to say the least. It was rare for him to be alone by himself when he sailed out to catch fish, for most of the time, there would be other fishermen trying their luck out in the open ocean, hoping for a big catch or just enough to make it through the day. Soon, a ship came into his view, lingering beyond the horizon, and as the old fisherman rubbed his eyes to focus on the sail of this said ship – he was quite surprised with what he saw. “A merchant ship… with a purple sail. Huh.”


Short Story: A Party of Gluttony

2970 A.C.


Sken, in usual fashion, walked into his quarters with a large crow in his hand – feeding it whatever birds ate on another. One of his favourite hobbies was the act of breeding two species of avians to create one – and the one he had perched upon his arm right now, whose name was ‘Largeblackbird’, was the result of careful breeding plans and a bit of eugenics here and there. It was his largest pet bird by far, and Sken was quite pleased by how fast it had grown. As his visual receptors looked into his room and the lights lit up, he was greeted by the sight of the Vanguard Commander, out of armour and only wearing an undershirt with some loose pants – lying down on his featherbed with a book in one hand. Her visor was off too, so her eyes – one cybernetic and one organic, was visible even from afar.


Short Story: A Trip to Redanhold

2963 A.C.


Cold, damp and dark.

That is what KYRA*GOA felt as she descended down the crumbling steps of the alleyway, going further and deeper into the dark recesses of the greatest colony ever established by mankind – Redanhold. She could smell death in the air, and it lingered – getting stronger and stronger with each step she took downwards, towards the entrance to one of the most guarded places within the colony, the Slums. She could see that the wooden door leading inwards to it was blocked off, and the wire fence that surrounded it was rusting – probably due to a lack of maintenance from the Colony Advisor. After all, why would anyone care about the wellbeing of the scummiest people of the Empire?